Corcoran Precast Tanks provides a wide variety of wastewater treatment systems suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Batchpur wASTEWATER Treatment System

Through our partnership with Batchpur we provide our customers with the most efficient and innovative wastewater treatment systems on the market. The Batchpur system cleans according to the SBR process in its highest technical construction stage and has been through many successful test audits which produced positive results. The Batchpur sewage treatment system is one of the most sophisticatedly designed models on the market and we offer supply and installation at a competitive price.

Batchpur Treatment System

Advantages Of The Batchpur System

  • Extremely low energy consumption in standby mode – under 1 watt

  • Illuminated display with graphic presentation

  • Comfortable 6 button controls for easy use

  • USB connection for simple software updates

  • Electronic user manual which can be accessed as standard via the display, the USB interface or optionally online

For more information on the Batchpur sewage treatment system, please contact us.

The Process

Filling – wastewater is collected in the left chamber, at which point dirt particles settle out. The compressed air sensor controls the continuous transportation into the biological cleaning chamber (right container half) according to requirements depending on the wastewater quantity.

Venting – Oxygen supply and circulation is used to biologically clean the wastewater. The venting time is automatically controlled ensuring no excess energy is used

Settling Out – a ‘clear water zone’ comprising the cleared wastewater forms in the upper chamber whilst the bio mass sinks to the bottom.

Separating Clean Water – the cleared water is lifted ‘into the open’– directly into a body of water or for leaching – via the air-lift pump.

Automatic Surplus Sludge Removal - the biomass generated at the same time is, however, returned into the settling out chamber – the cleaning process starts again.

For more information on the Batchpur sewage treatment system, please contact us.


  • The building pit is excavated and the cleanness layer is filled up.
  • The Batchpur plant is lifted directly into the building pit via lorry.
  • The contained is straightened before being finally lowered into the building pit, at which point the connection process begins.
  • Once the Batchpur plant is running the building pit is filled. The control unit can also be installed in the open in the GFK cabinet (protection class IP 56) with comfortable access for you.

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