Corcoran Precast Tanks supplies & installs efficient pump stations for the safe management of wastewater, sewage effluents, and surface water.

Corcoran Precast Tanks – Pumping Stations (Domestic & Commercial)

Domestic Pumping Stations

Precast Pump Stations for the management of sewage effluents, surface water & other effluents. These packages come with all the necessary components pre-fitted in the tank, leaving the installation process as simple as connecting it to your inlet and outlet pipes, and plugging it in. We understand that many projects are unique and an “off the shelf” package may not be suitable, so our engineers are always on hand to advise on the best solution, and to design a pump station specific to your needs

  • Application: domestic or commercial?
  • Ideal for pumping septic tank effluent to a percolation area or for pumping raw sewage to a sewer main
  • Provides extra storage capacity in emergencies (e.g. power outages)

How Our Pump Stations Work

  • Corcoran Precast Tanks pump stations are used where gravity drainage is not possible. The tank collects the sewage or foul water from low lying developments and pumps it at intervals to a main sewer or sewage treatment plant.
  • The float switch in the tank activates the pump when the level of foul water or waste reaches a pre-defined volume.
  • Pumping chambers contain a chamber, pump, pump controls, float and / or an alarm, based on individual requirements. Multiple and back-up pumps are also available. (e.g. power outages)
  • The pump process is controlled with the use of control float. Control floats are set to turn on and off at predefined levels for pumping a specific volume of effluent per dose.

At Corcoran Precast Tanks we manufacture both packaged and custom-designed below ground pump stations for foul water or sewage.

Packaged Pump Stations

The Corcoran precast Tanks domestic packaged system is used primarily for pumping and transfer of sewage from

  • A single domestic dwelling up to the public rising main
  • A dwelling to a Aswaflow Treatment System at a raised location
  • A single house in an estate which is lower than the main pumping station in the estat

We manufacture 1,000-litre and 1,600-litre standard domestic pump stations in accordance with the building regulations. The Corcoran Precast Tanks packaged pump station contains

  • Underground tank made from Fibre Reinforced Precast Concrete Tank
  • Inlet point
  • Outlet point
  • Submersible pump
  • Control panel and alarm

Dual pumps are also available.

Custom-Designed Pump Stations

  • Volume of inflow
  • Dual or single pumps
  • Electrical connections available
  • Pumping distance/height

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Commerical Pumping Stations

Precast Concrete Pump Stations for the management of sewage effluents, surface water & other effluents. Corcoran Precast Tanks are experts in the design, supply and installation of pump stations for a wide range of sizes and applications. We stock a range of high quality, reliable pumps suitable for every application such as; Vortex type impellers for pumping minor solids, Channel type impellers for pumping high flows or Grinder pumps for pumping raw sewage. The correctly specified pump, combined with our durable precast concrete tanks and optional back-up systems such as a high water alarm, creates an economical, reliable solution to your pump station needs.


  • High-level alarm
  • Wide range of pump options including macerators/solids handling/vortex
  • Range of emergency overflow tanks
  • Inlet connection sizes to suit site
  • Various invert depths and positions
  • Chambers with internal pipework in plastic, galvanised or cast iron
  • Optional kiosks with warning beacons
  • Service and maintenance plans available to prolong the life of the pump systems

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Key Factors To Sizing Your System

  • Application: domestic, residential or commercial?
  • Material application: sewage, effluent or surface water?
  • Pumping distance and lift?
  • Electrical supply?

Pump Stations FAQ