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Domestic Rainwater Harvesting

Corcoran Precast Tanks offer a range of domestic Rainwater Harvesting systems which are a popular option amongst our customers as they are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of satisfying domestic water requirements. We take extra care to ensure that each system is sized appropriately to improve function and cost effectiveness. Installing a domestic rainwater harvesting system is a fantastic way of making your home more environmentally friendly and saving money in the long-run. Most homes can be fitted with a domestic rainwater harvesting system, with this water suitable for use in almost all household appliances and heating systems.

When installing a domestic rainwater harvesting system, Corcoran Precast Tanks's engineers take into account a number of factors including roof size, rainfall, applications and occupancy, before deciding on the most appropriate system. We manufacture an extensive range of precast tanks for a variety of uses, allowing us to combine different sized tanks to provide you with a system that is sized to your exact specifications. Below are examples of three standard systems, however, if requested, our design team would be happy to design an individual system for you.

  • Suited to a small home/cottage

  • Suited to a modern average family home

  • Suitable for sites with limited access – lower tank weight does not require crane

  • Simple installation, no concrete back fill required

If you’re interested in a rainwater harvesting system for your home please contact us.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

  • Reduce your water charges. Rainwater is completely free!

  • Rainwater harvesting is environmentally friendly

  • Rainwater is soft water which means lime-scale free appliances

  • Chlorine free rainwater helps prevent rust on appliances

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting FAQ