How Do I Install a Wastewater Treatment System in my Home?

If your home is not connected to mains water, trying to decide what kind of wastewater treatment system to install is not something that should be taken lightly. Your home’s wastewater treatment system should be a safe one, and one that works efficiently all year round. Here at Corcoran Precast Tanks, we offer expert advice on the best type of wastewater treatment system to suit your individual requirements. From standard new septic tanks to rainwater harvesting systems, we do it all when it comes to your home’s wastewater treatment system. Read on to find out what to consider before investing in a new wastewater treatment system for your home or business.

Understand the Type of Wastewater System You Need

The first thing to consider before installing a wastewater treatment system in your home is what kind of system you require. Existing properties may have a septic tank on the property that simply needs to be reconnected, while new builds may require a whole wastewater treatment system to be installed. Here at Corcoran Precast Tanks, we provide expert advice and recommendations for clients on a range of wastewater systems. From new septic tank installation services to in-depth wastewater treatment plans, understanding your exact requirements with the help of an expert is the first step in organising funding, planning, and installation services for any wastewater treatment system. Alongside understanding the system you need, speaking to an expert before investing any money ensures that your property has the correct space and location for your new wastewater system so it can be installed with ease.


Ensure Suitability for the Wastewater System You Require

Before any type of wastewater treatment system is installed on your property, ensuring the land around your property is suitable to support the system is a must. This is a service that septic tank experts can provide. Here at Corcoran Precast Tanks, we offer in-depth testing before anything is installed on your property to ensure that your property remains safe and functional while supporting your new wastewater treatment system. Before installation, the team conducts a percolation test and takes into consideration site size, location, soil gradient, and more. This testing period ensures that your wastewater treatment system of choice is suitable for the land it’s to be installed in.


Consider an Eco-Friendly Addition to your Wastewater Treatment System

Nowadays, there are a number of eco-friendly additions available as add-ons to your wastewater treatment system. One of these is the option to add a rainwater harvesting system to your property, cutting down the amount of treated water used in your home. A high-quality rainwater harvesting system makes use of rainwater to flush toilets, fill sinks and showers, and more in the home, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective way of treating wastewater in your home. For more on the range of options available to you regarding eco-friendly wastewater treatment systems, get in touch with the Corcoran Precast Tanks team today.


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