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Corcoran Precast Tanks Commercial Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Corcoran Precast Tanks offer a range of commercial Rainwater Harvesting systems. It is important that each system is sized appropriately to enhance operation and increase cost effectiveness. Our engineers will consider your roof size, rainfall, applications and occupancy to ensure you are provided with an appropriate system. Having a raninwater harvesting system installed in your business is a fantastic way of increasing the eco-friendliness of your commercial property, and can be used to work with almost all business appliances, plumbing solutions, and heating systems.

We manufacture large variety of precast tanks for a wide range of uses; this allows us to combine different sized tanks to provide you with an accurately sized system. If you are interested in having a rainwater harvesting systems installed in your commercial premises, our design team would be happy to design an individual system to suit your needs upon request:

  • Ideal For Wet Sites And Deep Installations

  • Simple Installation, No Concrete Back Fill Required.

  • Provides Large Water Reserve

  • High Storage Capacity Suitable For Large Roof Area

  • Suitable For Farms/Schools/ Car Washes & Warehouses Etc

If you’re interested in a rainwater harvesting system for your home please contact us.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

  • Rainwater harvesting is an environmentally friendly option

  • Reduce your water charges. Rainwater is completely free, making it the most cost effective solution

  • Rainwater is soft water which means means your appliance will not develop any limescale

  • Rainwater is chlorine free which helps to prevent rust on appliances

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting FAQ