Corcoran Precast Tanks provide a complete service and maintenance package for your wastewater treatment system, pumping stations and rainwater harvesting systems. Annual maintenance and inspections are essential to ensure your system is operating efficiently and to prevent any possible issues from occurring.

A poorly maintained wastewater treatment system can contribute to pollution of groundwater and waterways along with contamination of wells, streams, rivers and lakes.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians will ensure that your wastewater treatment system will be serviced and repaired to the highest standard. Maintenance contracts are available to both domestic and commercial clients at very competitive rates.

An Annual Maintenance Contract Will Include

  • System inspection

  • System servicing

  • Pump operation check

  • Aerator operation check

  • Float switch check

  • Electrical system check

  • Control panel diagnostic

  • Tank sludge level check

  • UV light check

  • Filtration system check

  • Detailed written report on inspection including recommendations

  • Priority for emergency call out and repairs

If you’re interested in our annual septic tank maintenance service, please contact us.